Voice Lessons

Learn with Catherine

  • Classical Italian 'bel canto' vocal technique ~ used successfully for centuries
  • learn how to sing with a beautiful and healthy voice production
  • produce a voice of quality and evenness of tone throughout a singer's range
  • minimize vocal fatigue and improve tone by reducing tongue and jaw tension
  • improve your range and control of dynamics
  • learn how to place your voice,sing with pure vowels for optimal vocal resonance
  • improved intonation and vocal onset 
  • maximize your vocal energy while minimizing effort and tension
  • younger students' lessons geared appropriately for their ages and abilities

Bel Canto Voice Lessons also cover:

  • effective breath management and how to support your voice
  • repertoire and song styles which suit your voice and challenge you!
  • lyric diction (Italian, German, French, Latin, English, Spanish)
  • vocal hygiene do's and don'ts when learning how to sing with ease.
  • undo ineffective or harmful vocal habits
  • informative and interesting articles on a regular basis

Recitals and Master Classes

Catherine holds annual Recitals and Master Classes in North Vancouver for the benefit of her students. Dates, accompanist and venues are announced each season.