I have been taking voice lessons from Catherine for over 5 years now and during this time she has guided me to keep improving my singing technique and to engage more deeply with the Italian language and the tradition of bel canto. Catherine challenges me in an encouraging way, patiently offering constant feedback on breathing, pitch, vocal resonance, legato, vowels, and shaping the emotional thread of a song. I learn so much at every lesson and find the process extremely rewarding. Catherine is a sensitive teacher who works collaboratively with her students, giving each one her individual focus and what they need to know at the time of the lesson. She is an excellent teacher.

Angela K.

I have been taking lessons with Catherine since I was 10 years old. Not only is she an amazing vocal coach, teaching me incredible technique for beautiful singing, but she is also a mentor of mine. She is a wonderfully kind and thoughtful person and I look forward to every lesson I have with her.

Olivia S age 15

 I have been taking private voice lessons from Catherine for several years.  She is an excellent teacher - very good at teaching all her students of different levels, and extremely patient. She makes learning bel canto technique challenging yet doable and fun!

Louis B


Catherine is very good at diagnosing my singing problems and effectively working with me to overcome them.  I am amazed at how much progress I have made in the time we have been working together.   

Leslie M

My lessons with Catherine are a high point of my week. Catherine's extensive knowledge of music is both broad and deep, and she shares her knowledge easily. Catherine is always good humored, and she is also very patient and encouraging, while still insisting on getting a good hour's work from me!

Jane S. QC.


When  I first came to Catherine's studio, on the recommendation of one of my  choir mates, I had modest goals in mind: to improve my musical and vocal  knowledge so as to be able to stand with the other singers, most of  whom were more experienced than I, and to feel like I belonged among  this quality group.

What Catherine offered me was an opportunity to actually learn how to sing, through  the fundamental application of the traditional bel canto technique -  the way singers have been trained for centuries. In the year I've  studied with her I have found security, challenge, inspiration and an  appetite for music that constantly grows. She calls us 'vocal athletes'  and offers the kind of training that, if followed, can produce a  beautiful sound.

 She  herself is a professional working singer as well as an educator, which  inspires my confidence in having her advice on any subject that may come  up as I advance in my own knowledge. I feel that I have definitely been  developing as a musician because I've been following Catherine's instruction and because I'm treated with respect, as someone who is able to make music.

I feel that my studies with Catherine have been wonderfully  beneficial; in my choir I now feel very much at home and have begun to  think of myself as one of the strong singers in my section, something  that I wouldn't have thought possible without the personal training I've  received from Catherine. 

Her  method is patient - she takes every person as they are - but she is  constantly encouraging and her eye and ear are very sharp - she's not  going to let us drift into bad habits through inattention or  misunderstanding. She also expects us to stand and deliver, in public,  among our fellow students, as singers, at special recitals she organizes  - so that we can see ourselves as the musicians we are - and who we  would like to be.

 Any  person who studies with Catherine is fortunate to have found a teacher  who has the skill and heart to inspire us to learn. I am thankful to  have this opportunity to become a better musician.

Milton M

I  am thrilled to be studying with Catherine in North Vancouver because she has such a great aptitude for teaching. As a performer, she has acquired many excellent and helpful  techniques to share with her students. Her method of bel canto training leads to beautiful, free and resonant tone. She is skillful at identifying and correcting vocal problems or habits and consistently works on navigating the passaggio. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone who is ready to improve his or her vocal performance. 

Diane K

Thank you for guiding me with so much  patience and consistency. You have helped me develop a strong foundation  of technique, self-awareness and self-confidence, and it has been a  true pleasure to spend time with you in your studio!

Jenn M

At 70 years of age, I decided it was time to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. It took about 30 seconds to realize my passion had always been singing. I found Catherine, singing coach

extraordinaire, online.  Not only did she make me feel comfortable and hopeful from day

one, but has made me feel that way every lesson since. Catherine has done so much to teach this old girl new tricks! (I sincerely doubt that Catherine views her expert instruction on how to coordinate the entire body to produce a beautiful sound… as ‘tricks,’ but I’m sure you get my point). Now, after a two-hour choir rehearsal, I feel I could keep singing for another two hours… and never feel throat strain. That was not my previous experience! Catherine uses every moment of the lesson to watch and listen, accurately identifying areas that require refined instruction. She loves to hear my voice improve, loves to challenge me, loves a good laugh, loves dogs… could I ask for more?! So grateful my online search resulted in lessons with Catherine! 

Pat D